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Add the elegance of iron to your home — in two days or less — with a Baluster Replacement System

Now homeowners can update the look of their stairs by replacing wood spindles with elegant iron balusters. In as little as two days, Brad Thomas Stairs can transform the look of your stairs without having to disassemble the staircase.

In our before-and-after Baluster Replacement Gallery, you can see how iron dramatically changes the ambience of a home, creating a look that’s warm, open and strikingly sophisticated.

“Our new balusters were installed yesterday. They are beautiful. We wondered about the wisdom of having work done just a few days before Christmas – a needless concern. What a joy it was to have work done so faultlessly.” — Kathleen B.

Need a touch more elegance for your staircase? Choose a Baluster Replacement PLUS Staircase Remodel!

While a Baluster Replacement can offer a fantastic new look and update any home, some of our clients want an even greater change for their staircases. With the addition of new balusters, plus new newel posts, risers, tread caps or other design elements, Brad Thomas Stairs can give you a Staircase Remodel that offers the “WOW” of a custom staircase!



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